Friday, 15 August 2008

Hotcan self heating meals

Based in Chesterfield,Operational Support offers self heating meals to customers throughout the UK. Formed in november 2004 the company has many years experience in the self heating food market.

The company manufacture hotcans which are self heating ready meals they are great for all outdoor
activities such as camping, fishing, shooting in fact any outdoor activity where there may not be access to cooking or food preparation facilities they are available to buy direct from the company web site. 

The company is managed by Graham Taylor who has been involved in the Hotcan manufacture trade for many years. 

A hot meal ready in 8 - 12 minutes thats as easy as 1 2 3 - open the can, pierce the rim, stir occasionally - thats all you have to do.

Hotcan Self Heating Ready Meals provide an easily transportable, clean, fuss-free meal that needs no stove or microwave or any other form of external power source.

This totally non-toxic system is tough with a 3-year shelf life, is non-polluting, and has no unpleasant odour. After use, Hotcan is fully re-cyclable where facilities exist.

Quick & simple to use, needing only a spoon to stir and eat with, and very convenient in any situation.

Hotcan is essential as an emergency food supply and is also ideal for drivers, campers, anglers, sportsmen, in fact anyone who wants a hot meal without having to prepare one! Hotcan needs no special storage facilities so it can easily and safely be kept anywhere (not suitable for freezing) - in homes, workplaces, vehicles - for up to 3 years